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Are you looking for a lawyer? Thomas Law provides power-packed negotiation and litigation for motor vehicle collision injuries, wrongful death, medical malpractice, premises liability concerns, and workers’ compensation matters.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries from car crashes, motorcycle collisions, and commercial truck wrecks can be devastating. We help you get the compensation you deserve for medical costs, rehabilitation, lost and future wages, and pain and suffering.

Workers’ Compensation

On-job-injuries or serious workplace illnesses mean an extended time off work. Illinois workers’ compensation laws can be hard to understand. We can guide you timely filing as well as pursuing third-party liability claims.


Our clients value the way we create a culture of client-focused representation and counsel within a family atmosphere. We treat each other like family and with respect; our relationships with each other extends to our clients.

We Provide Premier Legal Representation When You Have Serious Injuries

Whether your injuries are from an accident at work or on the road, a wrongful death, medical malpractice or property liability, our job is to help you understand your rights and do everything we can to bring you the justice you deserve.

The law can be complicated and confusing. At Thomas Law, we make it simple, understandable, clear, and direct. We tell you the truth and precisely explain what you need to do. So together, we can make the law work in your favor.

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The Privilege Race

Brian Thomas authored a book titled The Privilege Race. The Privilege Race explores what it means to be privileged in America and provides a roadmap for you to build a bridge between the life you’re currently living and the one you want to live:

  • Learn about your mental conditioning, to better understand the source of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Determine what you genuinely want from life—not what you’ve been told you should want.
  • Develop a mindset of what’s possible, instead of focusing on the impossible

Find The Privilege Race on Amazon here.

The Privilege Race | A guide to overcoming negative voices and influences | Brain Thomas
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Put Our Experience To Work And Get The Compensation You Need

Our attorneys and Brian Thomas, draw from in-depth experience developing successful strategies for favorable results for our clients. Our clients value our knowledge, efficient solutions and compassion.

We have built a solid reputation throughout Chicagoland for our attention to detail and exceptional legal representation. Our law firm handles cases involving car and truck accident injuries caused by the negligence of other drivers, accidents due to poorly maintained premises, wrongful death as well as medical malpractice claims.

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You have a limited time to file for the compensation you deserve following an accident, but it can be difficult to follow through in a timely way when you are suffering injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you gather the records you need, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue solutions in court when necessary.

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Why Contact Thomas Law?

At Thomas Law, we believe in family and community. We work with integrity and compassion to protect families in times of need.

The vast majority of our clients are referred to us. Many references are from former clients who tell their friends and family to call us. Other references are from the lawyers who have worked with us, including defense and opposing counsel.